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Re: IDLgrWindow Pickdata on an IDLexObjView Obect.

Hi Don,

"Don J Lindler" <lindler@rockit.gsfc.nasa.gov> wrote ...
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the correct 3-D position
> using the Pickdata method for an IDLgrWindow object which is displaying an
> IDLexObjView.  Pickdata correctly finds the objects but returns incorrect
> x,y,z values.  I am trying to modify xplot3d.pro to return the x,y, and z
> coordinates of a IDLgrPolyline displayed using Orbs for each datapoint.

I've used this a lot, with good results. I'm not sure where you are calling
the PickData from, but here is one point to note. You should either:

1) call PickData passing the primitive graphic object itself, retrieved
   using Select:

oSel = oWindow -> Select(oView, [event.x, event.y]) ; returns object array

IF Size(oSel, /TName) EQ 'OBJREF' THEN BEGIN ; no selection returns -1

   pick = oWindow-> PickData(oView, oSel[0], [event.x, event.y], dataXYZ)



2) call PickData passing the "innermost" model that contains the object
   directly (note: in an IDLexObjView, it is that view's oModel3 that
   contains added non-stationary objects, and this model can only be
   accessed inside a method of IDLexObjView or a subclass of it.
   IDLexObjView::Update is a good place to use this)

"self" would be the instance of IDLexObjView:
pick = oWindow -> PickData(self, self.oModel3, [event.x, event.y], dataXYZ)

Hope this helps!


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