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Re: google search postings

Reimar Bauer <r.bauer@fz-juelich.de> writes:
> Hi,
> did someone have more experience with this newsgroup search machine.
> In the past I have often used dejanews. Are there differences between
> booth.
> http://groups.google.com/groups?as_q=plot&as_ugroup=comp.lang.idl-pvwave

I have a related question.  For the past few months I have been
hosting a (partial) archive of the newsgroup on my web pages.  Now
that Google is back on line with archives, much of the reason for my
own archive have evaporated.  On the balance, Google is more complete
and easier to use.  Also my archive won't continue to scale up into
the future.

Question: are there any objections to my taking down the page?  Or,
some way to make it "better" than Google in some way?  [ I almost
prefer to take down the page vs. mothballing it.  Right now I get a
lot of pretty superfluous Google hits. ]


Archive is here:

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