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IDLDE Macros (was: google search postings)

"Reimar Bauer" <r.bauer@fz-juelich.de> wrote in message
> Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan wrote:
> >
> > Ahh... Thanks for pointing this out.. Gave me a chance to go back to the
> > "really old days", and I found an old "IDL wish list" I wrote in 1995
> > the lines of the "top ten wishes for IDL in the next release"):
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > 3. Possibility of Macros (nope!)
> I would say (Check!). If you are using idlde you can use idl macros.
> I have some written e.g. export_html,%s,name=%_'%s%_'

My favorite is my Ctrl-Shift-X, to execute a selected line of code:

ignoredResult = Execute("%s")

I know, IDLWAVE-Shell users have had this and much more for years! Recall
that I'm the one *still* trying to get a command-line IDL for Windows so I
can use IDLWAVE-Shell... %^\


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