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Archive of comp.lang.idl-pvwave Newsgroup

Here is an archive of the comp.lang.idl-pvwave news group. Normally I would recommend searching Deja for old news articles, but since its demise, the options are much fewer. Brave souls may wish to try Google's newsgroup search feature, but at the moment this is pretty poor. I wanted something which was searchable and could index by date. If Google improves I may withdraw this page.

These archives are not perfect. They reflect the articles I have saved in my personal folders over time, so they tend to be biased toward what I am interested in. However, I tried to save everything that seemed important at the time. The archive begins around 1998 with some sparse coverage, and gradually improves to the present. If somebody has a more complete archive I would be glad to put it here; drop me a note.

NOTE: I intend to terminate the newsgroup service after August 1st, 2001. The Google Usenet Archive is much better now, so there is little need for my private archive. Please contact me if you have any suggestions.

There are several ways to access the archive:

New articles are added and indexed nightly (local time). Articles are archived using MHonarc version 2.4.7, and the search function is cobbled together by me using a modified version of MMM::Text::Search in Perl.

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