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Re: google search postings


either way you decide, i wanted to just let you know your
archive really saved me during the time between google
buying deja and taking down the archives to when they put
the archives back up again.  i was really glad that you had
an independent archive that we could access.  thanks!


Johnny Lin
CIRES, University of Colorado
Work Phone:  (303) 735-1636
Web:  http://cires.colorado.edu/~johnny/

Craig Markwardt <craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu> wrote in message news:<on3d96n2ef.fsf@cow.physics.wisc.edu>...
> [...]
> Question: are there any objections to my taking down the page?  Or,
> some way to make it "better" than Google in some way?  [ I almost
> prefer to take down the page vs. mothballing it.  Right now I get a
> lot of pretty superfluous Google hits. ]
> Craig
> Archive is here:
> http://cow.physics.wisc.edu/~craigm/idl/newsgroup.html