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Re: getting data from IGOR into IDL

in article Pine.LNX.4.21.0106142356030.6554-100000@mulligan.atm.ox.ac.uk,
Randall Skelton at rhskelto@atm.ox.ac.uk wrote on 6/14/01 7:10 PM:

> I assume you are talking of IGOR, the WaveMetrics visualization program...
> there are actually a few 'IGOR' software packages on the web now.

Yes, that is the one.
> I used IGOR for a few years before moving to IDL but I cannot say that I
> really know what you mean when you write that you want to 'send IGOR data
> into IDL?' Do you want to read IGOR binary waves into IDL?  Do you want to
> read the packed experiments?  If you are thinking DDE, I assume you are
> only wanting to support Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 platforms?  IGOR also
> supports external C modules using their XOP toolkit (equivalent to DLMs)
> which might be useful for communicating.
I am right at the beginning of this project and what I think I am looking
for is a way to send the data (images mostly) through a socket to IDL. Not
knowing IGOR I was looking for some helpful suggestions.

> I cannot think that it would be
> easy in any event... I'd post the question to WaveMetrics support as they
> are all excellent to work with--  If it is possible, they can tell you how
> it ought to be done.
That will be the next step.  But I am always impressed with the depth of
knowledge on this newsgroup and I wanted to start here first.


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