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Re: Map point

Francisco writes:

> 	I have produced a map in this way
> latmin=39.74 & latmax=45.63
> lonmin=-5.32 & lonmax=4.79
> latcenter=42.8 & loncenter=-0.517
> map_set,latcenter,loncenter,/lambert,/hires,
> color=0,limit=[latmin,lonmin,latmax,lonmax]
> map_continents,/countries
> and now I want to have a point or a cross in the place of some
> important spot like (42.938,-0.6)
> How can I do it?

PLOTS, 42.939, -0.6, PSYM=1, SymSize=3.0

> Also I have a 2d array with value of concentration that I want to plot
> on the map and the array have the same (lat-lon) dimension of the map,
> how can I do it?

You could try warping the 2D array on to the image
with either Map_Image or Map_Patch. Keywords allow
you to specify the latitude and longitude coordinates
of the edges of the image.

   warped = Map_Image(array, xx, yy, xs, ys, LonMin=-5.32, $
      LonMax = 4.79, LatMin=39.74, LatMax=45.63)
   TV, warped, xx, yy, XSize=xs, YSize=ys
   Map_Continents, /Countries

Or, you could put the 2D array over the image with
the CONTOUR command. Just be sure to specify latitude
and longitude vectors along with the array, and use
the OVERPLOT keyword.

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