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Re: Map point


> and now I want to have a point or a cross in the place of some
> important spot like (42.938,-0.6)

The Map_Set procedure has set up the coordinate conversions for you.

Now simply plot a point with the PLOTS command:

PlotS, -0.06, 42.938, PSYM = 1, ....

> Also I have a 2d array with value of concentration that I want to plot
> on the map and the array have the same (lat-lon) dimension of the map,
> how can I do it?

You have a couple of choices, you could contour the array (CONTOUR
command) or use Map_Patch (or Map_Image to warp the image properly to
your projection then use TV (or TVImage or ImDisp, etc.) to display it
on you 'map'.


Ben Tupper
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
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