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Re: texture map irregularities OR pimento problems

Rick Towler writes:

> Update: On another machine with the same graphics adapter but different
> driver revision the first case renders exactly like the software renderer.
> Which is good, I guess (but this is actually farther away from what I want).
> I still don't understand why I can't see the inside of the green orb in the
> first case.

I'm not at all surprised by the different hardware
rendering. Every machine (practically) that I have
ever run an object graphics program on with hardware
rending has rendered the scene differently. Unless I
want trouble, I always choose software rendering for
the draw widget in object graphics programs. I spent
too much time when I released my first object programs
chasing phantom bugs. :-(

But I don't have a clue about the rest of it. Maybe
Randy Frank is listening in. :-)



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