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Re: SLICER3 : axes and labels

Teresa Sanchis writes:
> I have been working with SLICER3 and I would like to know if there's a way
> to write the axes range on the axes and/or  to put some labels on the
> image.
> Have you got any idea of how I could do that?

Depending upon what you want to do with SLICER3,
I have an ancient piece of code that I used to
develop most of my programming ideas about 100 years
ago that might help. It is named SLICE. It doesn't
display isosurfaces (although it could, I guess),
but it does display orthogonal slices through a
3D data set. The axes are already labeled for you.

SLICE had several neat features that SLICE3 and
its predecessors lacked: you can animatee the slices,
and you can save the picture as a PostScript, JPEG,
TIFF file, etc.

It might be a starting place anyway. It is written 
in the modular programming style that I was beginning
to develop way back then, so I think it should be
reasonably easy to modify. 

I packaged this file along with the even more ancient
PS_FORM file in a zip file, if you want to try it.
You may need other files from either my Coyote Library
or from the IDL Obsolete directory, I don't know. But
you can find it here:


Good luck. :-)


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