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Re: chosing points along an image row with mouse

Kim Nielsen writes:
> I would like to know if there is a way to get the mouse to only move
> along a row (or column). I have an image and need to pick two points
> along the same row. Is there a way to get the mouse only to move along
> a row ?

You can look at an example like ZPLOT to see
a widget program that draws an arrow along
the initially selected row. This is not the
best program I've ever written, and I write
my event handlers differently now, but it will
give you a place to start anyway. I'm working
with a plot, but you will get the idea I think.
It is much simpler with an image.

You will need these two old programs:


(ZPLOT allows you to zoom into a line plot.
The arrow is used to show you the extend of the
plot you will be zooming.)


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