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Sound with IDL... HELP!

Okay, okay. I'm calm. Everything's just fine. I'm sure, someone will
tell me that I don't have a BIG, BIG problem.

Because, hey, it's 2001, and of course it should be no problem to play
.wav files from IDL, right? Right.

When I do a
	spawn, 'wav.exe mywav.wav' , 
a big DOS window opens. If I use 
	spawn, 'start /min wav.exe mywav.wav' , 
it closes immedeately, but it is still opened first for a short time.
I also see a small dialog telling me that IDL is spawning a command.

And this is just unacceptable!  I want to show images to our patients
which are being tested, and I just cannot confuse them with appearing
and disappearing dialogs. No way.

Any ideas? If not, I really don't know what to do now. And I have to
explain the doctors why the program I wrote this week is of no use.

  Alex Schuster     Wonko@planet-interkom.de