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Re: Sound with IDL... HELP!

"Alex Schuster" <Wonko@planet-interkom.de> wrote in message
> Okay, okay. I'm calm. Everything's just fine. I'm sure, someone will
> tell me that I don't have a BIG, BIG problem.
> Because, hey, it's 2001, and of course it should be no problem to play
> .wav files from IDL, right? Right.

Hi Alex,

David's absolutely right about IDL 5.4 and Spawn, but if all you need is to
get a .wav file sound played from the PC, you might want to try the
excellent idl_tools utilities by Randall Frank. One of the many marvels in
there is a sound player. It's available at:


Then, once you've dropped idl_tools.dll and idl_tools.dlm into your IDL
\bin\bin.x86 directory, all you need to do is:

   wav = Read_WAV('c:\winnt\media\chimes.wav', rate)

   handle = Snd_Play(wav, rate)

(handle is not anything you need afterward, ignore it)

From what I can tell, Read_WAV came in IDL 5.3, so this may be possible
without the 5.4 upgrade, and you may prefer to have it all handled from
within IDL!


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