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Re: Repost of Vertex question...

Brian Koss <bakoss@rainbow.uchicago.edu> writes:
>       I have images of polygons connected edge to edge in a
> quasiperiodic array, like the one I
>       have attached to this message...
>       The images are black and white and the edges of the polygons are
> distinguisable because
>       they are straight lines.
>       I would love to be able to use IDL to find the vertices in this
> image.

Cute. Somehow I don't think this is a program that someone on the
newsgroup can knock out in ten minutes.  Converting a raster image
into a vector image is not the easiest thing that can be done.  In
fact, from what I found on the web, raster-to-vector is *very* hard.
If your images are computer-generated, can you get the original vector


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