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Re: Sound with IDL... HELP!

Axex Schuster wrote the other day:

> Okay, we install 5.4, and everything will be fine, I hope. Thanks!

If you haven't gotten around to installing IDL 5.4,
here is another alternative if you are running a 
Windows machine. I got this little gem in a round-about
way (twice), but it comes originally from that Doyen
of Dirty IDL Code, Peter Mason, in Australia.

It's a hack, it's not well documented, and you didn't
get it from me. But it's fun, and it *does* work just
the way he said it would! :-)

It uses a DLL (winclip.dll) to read and execute WAV files, 
calling the Windows sound routines directly, rather than 
spawning a WAV player.

Here is a zip file. Extract it and read the directions
in the winclip.readme file. Follow them, and then type:

   IDL> wavdemo

Get ready for a trip down memory lane! :-)

You can find the files here:




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