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Re: Sound with IDL... HELP!

Now that was fast!

David Fanning wrote:

> Alex Schuster writes:

> > When I do a
> >       spawn, 'wav.exe mywav.wav' ,
> > a big DOS window opens. If I use
> >       spawn, 'start /min wav.exe mywav.wav' ,
> > it closes immedeately, but it is still opened first for a short time.

Strange. Now, on the same computer, the DOS window doesn't appear. But I
still see this:

> > I also see a small dialog telling me that IDL is spawning a command.

> Uh, how about the NOSHELL keyword to the SPAWN command.

That was my idea in the first place, but according to the help it works
with the Unix version only. 

> Works in IDL 5.4. :-)

You mean, in 5.4, I _really_ do not get any nasty windows at all? It
looks so, I downloaded the whatsnew.pdf from RSINC's website, and voila,
there it is, the noshell keyword!

Okay, we install 5.4, and everything will be fine, I hope. Thanks!

  Alex Schuster     Wonko@planet-interkom.de