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Re: volume slicing

Herb Mullens wrote:
> ... We are trying to get different cross
> sections from a volume, and would like to be able to specify our slicing
> plane with Miller indices.  I was wondering if there is a function similar
> to extract_slice that we could use to do this, or if anyone knows where I
> could find some code that would convert our input into the proper form and
> call extract_slice internally.

What I vaguely remember from a solid state physics course long ago is that
the Miller indices of a plane, for all but non-cubic lattices, are just
vector coefficients of the normal to the plane. So couldn't the Miller
indices be input directly into the PlaneNormal argument of EXTRACT_SLICE? I
haven't tried, but it would seem that the other input needed is Xvec,
indicating something like the X direction of the plane grid, I think.

I'm no expert at all, but the thread seemed so silent...

Jaco van Gorkom                               gorkom@rijnh.nl
FOM-Instituut voor Plasmafysica "Rijnhuizen", The Netherlands