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IDL internal


There is no response. How dissapoint....

Is there anybody who familiar with the IDL internal give me some hint?
Any response will be appreciated.


julia65201@usa.net (Julia) wrote in message news:<f5bebc4d.0107011402.72747532@posting.google.com>...
> hi, there,
> Yesterday, I post a message. Since it has the same subject of the
> previous one. It got confused. So I bother to post it again. Wish I
> can get good results.
> The ones who used label_region in IDL must be suprised at the
> efficieny of this function. But how can I find out what algorithm is
> used in LABEL_REGION? Since I do not see this function in the library,
> I assume it is written in C somewhere.
> Julia