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Satellite image remapping

Hello, I just found out about this newsgroup.  I think it will be a godsend.

Anyway, I'm just getting started with IDL.  I have done a few things in the
past few months and am working up to a major project.  I know there is an
extensive amount of code out there so maybe my problem is already solved.

What I am doing is remapping satellite images, specifically full-disk images
from a GOES satellite.  These images are not internally georeferenced.
However, there is available a navigation file which gives the lat/lon for
each pixel.  What I would like to do is remap this image onto a flat
projection.  I know I can do it with a brute force method, but I have the
sneaky suspicion that this sort of thing has been done before.  Does anyone
have any experience in this arena?  I would be thrilled.


Sean Raffuse
Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trends Analysis
Washington University