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Re: using USERSYM

Arend Sluis <sluis@physics.rutgers.edu> writes:

> I am using USERSYM to create a hexagonal symbol. However, I want to size
> it very precisely, so that the symbols do not overlap, but still are as
> big as possible. I know the minimum separation between two data points
> in my data set, and I thought I could figure it out using !D.X_CH_SIZE,
> but no such luck. My symbols are actually too small. Has anyone ever
> tried to figure out what exactly the coordinates are that are used in
> USERSYM? The "units approximately the size of a character" is not very
> helpful. Thanks,

And you have to be careful when you convert to another graphics
device.  All your carefully laid plans will go *poof*, when the size
of the canvas changes.

If you dispense with using plotting symbols altogether, couldn't you
draw your hexagons yourself?  Using PLOTS, you certainly have the
maximum flexibility.


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