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Re: about label_region

> The ones who used label_region in IDL must be suprised at the
> efficieny of this function. But how can I find out what algorithm is
> used in LABEL_REGION? Since I do not see this function in the library,
> I assume it is written in C somewhere.
 label_region uses a 'connected components' algorithm that is described
in any good Image Processing text book.  It has the option of using 4
neighbors or 8 neighbors.  I have used labe_region often, and I have a
strong feeling i get the same results using the 4 or 8-neighbor
approach.  I dont think the 8-neighbor approach gives any better results
than the 4-neighbor approach.
- amar

Murphy's Law of Research:
Enough research will tend to support your theory.
Amar Nayegandhi
Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science,
University of South Florida, Tampa.