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Re: about label_region

> Amar Nayegandhi said,
> [
>  label_region uses a 'connected components' algorithm that is described
> in any good Image Processing text book.  It has the option of using 4
> neighbors or 8 neighbors.  I have used labe_region often, and I have a
> strong feeling i get the same results using the 4 or 8-neighbor
> approach.  I dont think the 8-neighbor approach gives any better results
> than the 4-neighbor approach.
> - amar
> ]

Thanks for your information!

I just wonder where IDL put all these functions in. Is it written in
IDL or C? I tried to realized it in IDL. As you know, since
connectivity algorithm is not a parallel algorithm, it should be done
on pixels one by one. And to keep the equivalent region information, I
assign a very big matrix even it is very sparse. So the algorithm is
very slow. Can you give me some hint to improve it, such as how to
keep the equivalent region information efficiently?