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Re: Events in IDLDrawWidget

Bert Bierman writes:
> I am trying to make a gui in VB which should replace the idl-gui of
> slicer3.
> So I like to be able to press the mousebutton-down and move the mouse
> while
> the button stays down.
> A procedure "motion" and "buttonpressed" is defined in a .pro file and
> the calls
> from VB succeed.
> But I get the motion-response after I released the button.
> How can I get motion-events during the buttonpress state?
> Do I need to use the trackball? My impression was that that is the
> solution
> if you use object-graphics, which I don't.

I know very little about how widget programs
work in VB, but you certainly can use the 
trackball whenever you like. It has nothing
whatsoever to do with object graphics.



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