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Re: Source Code into latex

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Dominik Paul wrote:

> Hi there,
> does somebody know, how I can convert or create a latex-document out of my
> IDL Source Code?

I often include IDL code in LaTeX (and ConTeXt) documents using the
ProTeX literate programming macro package.

Simple example:

\usepackage{txfonts} %

% ProTex:
% http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/~gurari/tpf/html/LitProg.html
% Eitan Gurari, "TeX and LaTeX: Drawing and Literate Programming".
% McGraw-Hill, 1994. ISBN 0-07-025208-4 / 0-07-911616-7

\title{IDL in \LaTeX}
\author{George N. White III}

Here is an IDL procedure.  Using the literate programming tool,
sections can be defined elsewhere and will be embedded into the
output file.

pro dummy
;dummy IDL procdure

Here is the definition of the \verb|print| section.

print, '...'

Finally, we write the complete program.



George N. White III <gnw3@acm.org> Bedford Institute of Oceanography