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Re: 3-D plotting

"Liam E. Gumley" wrote:
> J wrote:
> > I can not figure out how to make a simple 3-D plot in IDL.  I know
> > that using the PLOT command you can make simple 2-D plots, but I need
> > to have X, Y, and Z axes and plot in 3 dimensions.  Can someone please
> > tell me if there is some way of doing this.  Thanks.
> See PLOT3D at
> http://airs2.ssec.wisc.edu/~paulv/#idl

I think there is also an IDL version - from which I *think* I lifted most of this stuff.


p.s. The reason I did it way back whenever was because a colleague effortlessly produced a
3-d line plot in Matlab and I couldn't figure out to do it that easily in IDL. Can't have
Matlab users showing up the IDL crowd! Sheesh! :o)

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