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EPS problem


I have a routine that Plots to an eps file, one of the keywords I can
give the
routine is a Plot_Size.  The problem is this: when setting the plot
size to 5.0 by 5.0 (cm) the resulting eps file has the labels on the x
and y axis chopped off!  They are completely missing.  When setting
the plot size to 10.0 by 10.0 (cm) the x and y labels are displayed. 
Surely the eps file should be more-or-less the same in both cases
since postscript is scalable?  The only
problem with the 10.0 by 10.0 plot when I rescale (with width=5.0cm)
in LaTeX is that the text labels are too tiny to read, which wasn't
the case with the 5.0 by 5.0 plot.

Any idea ideas what's going wrong when the Plot_Size is set to 5.0 by
thanks in advance,