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Re: EPS problem

Stuart wrote:
> hi,
> I have a routine that Plots to an eps file, one of the keywords I can
> give the
> routine is a Plot_Size.  The problem is this: when setting the plot
> size to 5.0 by 5.0 (cm) the resulting eps file has the labels on the x
> and y axis chopped off!  They are completely missing.  When setting
> the plot size to 10.0 by 10.0 (cm) the x and y labels are displayed.
> Surely the eps file should be more-or-less the same in both cases
> since postscript is scalable?  The only
> problem with the 10.0 by 10.0 plot when I rescale (with width=5.0cm)
> in LaTeX is that the text labels are too tiny to read, which wasn't
> the case with the 5.0 by 5.0 plot.
> Any idea ideas what's going wrong when the Plot_Size is set to 5.0 by
> 5.0?

I don't have any ideas as to how to fix your problem, I'm replying merely to sympathise. I
have experienced similar  behaviour also. I don't create EPS files, just PS, but I used to
tear my hair out when some of the labels (usually on log axes due to the umpteen decimal
places) went south due to the calculated bounding box (which seemed to approximate the
on-screen window size). I had to manually edit the bounding box limits in the PS file so I
could see my whole plot. Man it's annoying.

I can't remember if Liam Gumley's PSON and PSOFF code fixed my problem, but since I've
used them (as replacments for SET_PLOT, 'PS' and DEVICE, /CLOSE) I don't recall having the
same problem.... but I also use a TICKFORMAT function now for log axes to trim superfluous
decimal points. So it might be a case of correlation rather than causation.

I think you might be able to get the PSON and PSOFF code (simple programs but tremendously
useful to dunderklumpens like me who don't understand X/YOFFSET and all those PS shifting
about keywords and just want output to fit on the darn page...) from his website
http://www.gumley.com under the "About the book" link.


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