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Re: EPS problem

Stuart wrote:
> hi,
> I have a routine that Plots to an eps file, one of the keywords I can
> give the
> routine is a Plot_Size.  The problem is this: when setting the plot
> size to 5.0 by 5.0 (cm) the resulting eps file has the labels on the x
> and y axis chopped off!  They are completely missing.  When setting
> the plot size to 10.0 by 10.0 (cm) the x and y labels are displayed.
> Surely the eps file should be more-or-less the same in both cases
> since postscript is scalable?  The only
> problem with the 10.0 by 10.0 plot when I rescale (with width=5.0cm)
> in LaTeX is that the text labels are too tiny to read, which wasn't
> the case with the 5.0 by 5.0 plot.
> Any idea ideas what's going wrong when the Plot_Size is set to 5.0 by
> 5.0?
> thanks in advance,
> S

Dear Stuart,

we are using a plot envrionment to solve such problems.
There are many less or more difficulty things to know to make a
quadratic plot
in portrait or landscape.

The plot environment is described in my publication (german) 
with lots of examples.


Some examples you can see at: 


In our environment
plot.landscape=2 --> quadratic plot in portrait
plot.landscape=3 --> quadratic plot in landscape

plot.psflag=0 --> output in window on screen
plot.psflag=1 --> PS
plot.psflag=2 --> EPS

If you prefer your own plot routines then here is a bit of
the theory for EPS for a quadratic plot in portrait.

  yoffset=0. ,ysize=29.7  ,xoffset=0.,xsize=21.0,$
  /color, BITS=8,/portrait

now in norm coordinates the length of 5cm for X and Y Axes must be

then this data must be given by the position keyword to plot.

Behind the plot and the device,/close the bounding box is to big.

With a command like 
epstool -b -c -ofile.eps good.eps

the bounding box will be set to the best size.

hope this helps



Reimar Bauer 

Institut fuer Stratosphaerische Chemie (ICG-1)
Forschungszentrum Juelich
email: R.Bauer@fz-juelich.de
a IDL library at ForschungsZentrum Juelich


read something about linux / windows