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Re: Plotting a 3D Array In IDL

> Say I have a 3D array whose elements are only 1 or 0. I'd like to plot
> this array, say a white dot for the 1's and a red dot for the 0's. Is there
> a way I can do this in IDL?

Below is a program fragment that does what I think you want done.  There might
be a slick one line way of doing it or maybe something visually stunning using
object graphics but nothing currently leaps to mind.


n = 4
a = randomu(seed,n,n,n) gt 0.5
surface, dist(n), /nodata, zr=[0,n-1], /save

for j = 0,1 do begin
  wh = where(a eq j)
  x = wh mod n
  y = wh / n mod n
  z = wh / n^2
  for i = 0, n_elements(wh)-1 do $

A G Edward Haskell
Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography
Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA  23529
e-mail  haskell*ccpo.odu.edu