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problem executing code "saved" using SAVE command

I have a problem with IDL code that I "saved" (compiled) using the SAVE command -- it doesn't execute the same as the same code run directly from the IDL Development Environment.  (By the way, I do realize that you can't really compile IDL code.)  Let me explain the situation.  First of all, I'm on Windows NT machine, and IDL 5.4.

I have a set of procedures with one procedure called 'main_gui.pro' that is the main procedure that calls other procedures.  I can enter IDL, compile 'main_gui.pro' and all it's necessary procedures.  Then type 'resolve_all', and run it -- it does beautifully.

However, if I enter IDL, compile 'main_gui.pro' and all it's necessary procedures.  Then type 'resolve_all'.  Then type
"save, filename='c:\main_gui.sav', /routines"  which saves everything into that single binary file.  When I double-click on 'main_gui.sav', it does execute but not correctly.  It leaves out certain plotting commands and has some widget errors that shouldn't occur and do not occur if run directly from IDL Development Environment as stated in previous paragraph.

The real bummer is that I cannot debug this problem because when I execute the 'main_gui.sav' file, then IDL is in run-time mode.  Therefore, I don't see the output log and cannot use any of the debug capabilities in the IDL Development Environment.

Any knowledge or help with this problem is greatly appreciated.

Tom Spisz
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel, MD  20723-6099