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Re: emacs idlwave shell key bindings

>>>>> "KM" == Ken Mankoff <mankoff@lasp.colorado.edu> writes:

Hi Ken,

try this:

(add-hook 'idlwave-shell-mode-hook 
  (lambda () 
    (define-key idlwave-shell-mode-map "\C-p" 'idlwave-shell-up-or-history)
    (define-key idlwave-shell-mode-map "\C-n" 'idlwave-shell-down-or-history)))

Hope this helps.

- Carsten

KM> Hi everyone, I am using the IDL wave mode in Emacs. I would like
KM> to be able to remap my keys so that CTRL-p recalls the previous
KM> command (similar to the up arrow), and CTRL-n goes to the next
KM> command (down arrow).

KM> Anyone have this config in their .emacs and willing to
KM> cut-and-paste?

KM> thanks, -k.

KM> -- Ken Mankoff LASP://303.492.3264
KM> http://lasp.colorado.edu/~mankoff/