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Re: help with findfile

"Pavel A. Romashkin" wrote:
> David Fanning wrote:
> > Alas, I did this too. Now my Windows 2000 machine
> > cannot see my Windows 98 machine on the network.
> > Although my Window NT machine can see both. Sheesh... :-(
> This is what you get when you work with inferior operating systems :-)
> When you use the superior one (which, of course, is Mac OS), you don't
> have to worry about these issues. You KNOW that you ain't gonna see
> neither of the three, and just get your work done on one computer.
> Cheers,
> Pavel

These OS are really young and you want or like to live with such
I am not more! 

You should either think about using linux. The new suse7.2 distribution
is very comfortable.  The konqueror browser and the filemanager are 
very useful and well planned
And KWord saves tex files. At the moment it's not able to read tex
But I believe MS Word is much more far away to use tex files as KWord.

The staroffice suite reads and writes all MS Format files. Why pay
MS licenses ?

And IDL - hm there is no wuidget builder in unix that's for me a problem
I know the builder "QT Designer" by Trolltex but this is only for C. 
But this shows me that it is not impossible to write such a tool for

At the moment for widget programming I start vmware windows and idl.





Reimar Bauer 

Institut fuer Stratosphaerische Chemie (ICG-1)
Forschungszentrum Juelich
email: R.Bauer@fz-juelich.de
a IDL library at ForschungsZentrum Juelich


read something about linux / windows