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Re: Color Problems in IDL for Linux (Gnome)

Sean Davis <sdavis@nis.lanl.gov> writes:
[reformatted for the bleary-eyed]
> Well, I know we have all struggled with colors in IDL at one point
> or another, but I am currently having a problem which is beyond the
> usual frustrations people have with colors in IDL.
> Essentially, when I make a plot, the colors are in black and white
> until i click on the upper-bar of the window that i'm interested
> in seeing. Then, if there are any colors, the will be shown only as
> long as my mouse is over the window of interest!!!
> This seems like a flaw in Gnome, because I can re-login using the
> FVWM window manager and everything works fine.

The answer may be that (a) you have an 8-bit display; and (b) Gnome
uses up all of the colors in your color table, while FVWM does not.
If your graphics card is capable, you may be able to investigate
moving up to 24-bit, but you will need someone experienced in
configuring your X-server.  Don't choose 16-bit or you'll be sorry.


P.S. Sean, I prefer carriage returns and no HTML.  In other words,
what ever Microsoft hath given you, taketh it away. :-) As for gaudy
signatures, well, whatever.

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