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text widget

Hi there,

we want to supply the user with information about a calculation process.
Therefore we opened a widget_text with following code:

information = widget_base(title = $
               'information window        (please do not quit!)', $
                /column, xoffset=520, yoffset=100)
jnl_def = widget_base(information, /row)
journal = widget_text(jnl_def, xsize=75, ysize=30, /scroll, /frame)
widget_control, information, /realize

the widget looks good, vereything we can print inside, thats no problem.
We place text inside with:

info = 'select PISAC configuration file (PISAC_SETUP.sav).'
widget_control, journal, set_value = info

The Problem is, that whenn all visible lines ar full, we get some scrollbars
(still ok). But while calculating, the user cant use the scrollbars to see
the actuall information.

So, does somebody know a method, to always scroll to the end, after printing
something into the widget?

thanks for your help


Dominik Paul
Uniklinik Freiburg
Abt. Nuklearmedizin/PET