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Re: Color Problems in IDL for Linux (Gnome)

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001 14:52:07 -0000, Steve Smith<steven_smith> <nobody@nowhere.com> wrote:
>You can pre-set the colors idl uses in .Xdefaults, I believe. Also, Gnome
>is a desktop environment, not a window manager, last time I installed it.
>You must be using Enlightenment or BlackBox maybe? I use Gnome / Enlightement
>currently (with IDL), I used to have to put a few lines like:
>#idl.colors: 16777216  <------ note this is commented out!
>idl.gr_depth: 24
>idl.retain: 2
>idl.gr_visual: TrueColor
>in .Xdefaults to get color working in X w/idl (that was using AfterStep wm).  
>Most important is idl.retain, which tells IDL to handle the window's backing
>-store, instead of the window manager. You may want to try that.

Thanks.  I was having a similar problem and this solved it.  This is 
on a RH7.1 system with gnome-1.4 and sawfish-0.38.  The 3 settings
listed above seem to do the trick.


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