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High-end continuous wavelet transformation image processing algorithm !!!

Hi all !

Our research team is developing software for processing of X-Ray images
(gray images), obtained by examination of large-scale objects using a
high-energy electron accelerator. The main task of our software is to reveal
the irregularity, cracks, inclusion and other defects in the object. Another
task is to suppress noise in order to make image clearer.
    As you know, the continuous wavelet transformation is the best method
for solving above-mentioned problems, but unfortunately it is very time
consumption. We are work out a few new original methods for treatment of
images with high productivity. Some results you can see on
    We can adapt our algorithms to any area of phisic science, which has
similarity problems (for ex.: signal processing, EMR tomography,
astrophysics image restoration and so on).

If you are interesting, please contact us petrunin@sp.ru

Best regards, DPRT.