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base widgets growing uncontrollably.... ?


I'm seeing a weird effect with an IDL widget app I put together and I'm hoping someone
here might recognise the symptoms and inform me of some widget_base keyword I have

I create a base within which I create several compound widgets (that I wrote) each, of
course, within it's own base. Currently I have three compund widgets in the base (all of
which contains exclusive button bases); two with column=1 and the third with grid_layout=1
and column=3. Now, when I add more buttons to the third compound widget (currently I have
three columns of five buttons), the size of the other compound widgets grow! It's at the
point now where half of the space in the widget display is just empty, dead space. If I
remove items from the third compund widget (which is always of a size such there is no
empty space) the dead space in the other two shrinks.

Anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it? I would rather not have to use
XSIZE/YSIZE/etc keywords.

Thanks for any info/insights.


p.s. :
IDL> print, !version
{ x86 linux unix 5.4.1 Jan 16 2001      32      32}

and my linux is RH 6.1
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