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Re: plots for printing

Dominik Paul wrote:

> I need some plots for my report. And I made these plots with 
> IDL (very good programm for visualisation). Than I take screen
> shots of the pictures and used it for printing.
> The result was a wuite bad quality. Does somebody know, how I
> could do this in a better way to get a good resolution for
> printing (maybe 300 dpi)?

Instead of
	PLOT, x, y
	DEVICE, /encapsulated, filename='myplot.ps'
	PLOT, x, y
	DEVICE, /close
	SET_PLOT, 'X' ; or SET_PLOT, 'WIN' if using Windows

This puts the output not onto the screen, but into the postscript file
myplot.ps. And have a look at www.dfanning.com if you want the correct
colors, layout etc.

Instead of using the PS device, you can also use the PRINTER device to
directly send the output to the printer. 

  Alex Schuster     Wonko@planet-interkom.de