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Re: base widgets growing uncontrollably.... ?

Alex Schuster wrote:
> Paul van Delst wrote:
> > I create a base within which I create several compound widgets (that I wrote) each, of
> > course, within it's own base. Currently I have three compund widgets in the base (all of
> > which contains exclusive button bases); two with column=1 and the third with grid_layout=1
> > and column=3. Now, when I add more buttons to the third compound widget (currently I have
> > three columns of five buttons), the size of the other compound widgets grow! It's at the
> > point now where half of the space in the widget display is just empty, dead space. If I
> > remove items from the third compund widget (which is always of a size such there is no
> > empty space) the dead space in the other two shrinks.
> >
> > Anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it? I would rather not have to use
> > XSIZE/YSIZE/etc keywords.
> Well, well, well. Isn't that the old
> IDL-5.0-or-which-version-was-it-widget-growing-bug, probably related to
> http://www.dfanning.com/idl5_info/tlb_resize_problem.html ?

Hmm, I don't know about that. I'm not resizing the tlb interactively. But who
knows? might be.

> Which,
> according to RSI, was a bug, and they wanted to fix it really soon?
> Which they never did? At least I never heard of that.
> WIDGET_CONTROL, UPDATE=0/1 seems to do the trick, at least in most
> cases.

Yes that worked (see previous reply to Marc Schellens)

> PS: Could you do a WIDGET_CONTROL, Netscape_ComposeWindow, XSIZE=72?

72?? What are you - an IDL or a fortran-77 programmer? :o))

> This makes your posting easier / less horrible to read for people with
> news clients set to 80 characters per line, and I could quote your text
> without enlarging my composing window.

While I think you should get a different news reader, I'll compromise at
XSIZE=80. :o)


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