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Re: rotating contour lots

Craig Markwardt wrote:

>  * It may be easier to rotate the contours afterwards.  You would
>    extract the contours using the PATH_INFO and PATH_XY keywords to
>    the CONTOUR procedure, and then apply a simple rotation
>    transformation like:
>      c = cos(theta) & s = sin(theta)
>      xp =  x*c + y*s
>      yp = -x*s + y*c

I think I am going to set up a newsgroup filter called "Craig", and
redirect everything Craig writes to a folder "Geom_advice", where I will
look every time I plan to use a coordinate transformation. You know, I
studied all this before (I think) and even had an A+. But it is very
hard when you forget something that you actually never really new :-(