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Re: IDL and Beowolf ?

dmarshall@ivory.trentu.ca wrote in message news:<GGxou8.KBJ.A.ebony@news.trentu.ca>...
> I just finished reading The Do-It-Yourself Supercomputer by William W. 
> Hargrove, Forrest M. Hoffman and Thomas Sterling in this months Scientific 
> American
> http://www.sciam.com/2001/0801issue/0801hargrove.html
> And wondered if anyone had any thoughts/experience with running IDL 
> applications on such a cluster.
> Dave.

Hi Dave,

At Tech-X Corporation, we have prototyped the use of MPI (message
passing interface) with IDL and have succesfully tested this simple
prototype on a Beowolf style linux cluster.  Tech-X will soon receive
funding from the US Department of Energy for further proof-of-principle
development of this idea.  This next round of development will occur
over a six month period, beginning in September.

Tech-X just issued a press release on this subject, and I just posted
that press release to this news group.