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Re: Version Control

"Dr. Otto Jusko" wrote:
> When working on larger projects with more than one developer, the
> problem of diverting versions and file overwritng arises. When working
> under HP-UX we frequently used a product named "SoftBench" which
> provided us with version control and the mandatory file locking. Is such
> a product available for IDL ? Or in general: Would you like to have it
> inside IDL ?

I use CVS (Concurrent Versions System) for everything: IDL source code, Fortran source,
shell source code, etc. It's free so I don't expect it to be the be-all-and-end-all, i.e.
developers still have to keep in contact, but it can be used remotely (e.g. my software
repository is on a big-honking-nightly-backed-up computer in Wisconsin and I work here in
DC.)  It has file locking and tracking so you can see who's been doing what to which file. 

Check out www.cvshome.org. It used to require RCS to be installed, but I think it's
standalone now. And it works for Unix, Windows, and VAX/VMS systems.


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