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sec : U Re: Print format question for the Experts

John McFee wrote:
> Many thanks to Paul van Delst and David Fanning. Two different but cool
> solutions. It would have taken me lots of time to figure out either on my own.


	Another "cool" answer, so to speak...

	This bit of code works fine from the old TTY command line
	environment as found on VMS and Unix boxes.

	Doesn't work under IDLDE in the Output log window however,
	in which case you need a van Delst or "von" Fanning solution.


pro trace_loop_test
  for i = 0,100 do begin

pro trace_loop,i
  cr = STRING(13B)	; ASCII Carriage-return Control Code
  print,format='("Processing index Number ",i4,a,$)',i,cr

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