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Re: bug in IDL's hanning() window-generating function

Scott Bennett writes:

> They simply cheated my advisor and
> refused to make good when confronted with the facts.

I don't know. Pretty strong words for what appears
from the facts you present to be a misunderstanding
to me. But I know from personal experience that
educational institutions are extremely difficult to
work with. The left hand never seems to know what 
the right hand is doing. The people in charge of
purchasing the software never seem to have a clue
who is using it. Hence, information like where the
manuals are and what the terms of the deal are
are forever being lost.

And the people at educational institutions can be

I'm still livid over a deal I did at a large university 
in Arizona. They wanted cheap software. I went to
bat for them, stuck my neck WAY out to make it happen,
and then found myself accused in this newsgroup
of being a "software junkie", since I had clearly
lowered the price to get them "hooked" on the
software. Scheesh! After that experience I spent
a couple of years saying to hell with educational

It goes both ways.



P.S. Let's just say having the manuals probably 
wouldn't have helped as much as you think. You
would be better off with a good book. There are
several now.

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