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Re: bug in IDL's hanning() window-generating function

In article <020820012132307408%kbowman@null.net>,
Kenneth P. Bowman <kbowman@null.net> wrote:
>Without making any comment on your problems with RSI, I can say that at
>least the 5.3 and 5.4 releases (and possibly earlier?) have included
>all the IDL documentation in PDF format, which in my experience is
>vastly superior to either the paper manuals or the old help system.

     I looked at the 5.3 stuff in PDF format, but my recollection is
that it was broken up into lots of very small files, very inconvenient
and expensive to print hardcopy manuals, which then would have had to
be punched and put into binders in order to be usable.  Since we were
supposed to have received the update information anyway, it's not a
grad student's place to squander resources on it.
     The IDL 5.0 help system is nearly worthless.  Perhaps the later
versions' help systems are better, but they would still be a grossly
inefficient and frustrating way of finding out what had changed from
version to version.
>Also, you can always download the latest version of IDL (including the
>documentation) from the RSI web site.  We have always found it easy to
>install updates.
     I'm a grad student here.  Installation of large software packages
with licensing schemes is reserved to the college's computer support
     FWIW, I would like someday, preferably in the very near future,
to finish this degree.  It's a bit late in the process for me to
devote much effort to switching releases at this point.

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