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Re: bug in IDL's hanning() window-generating function

In article <MPG.15d1a1e0a012bdcd989e44@news.frii.com>,
David Fanning <david@dfanning.com> wrote:
>Scott Bennett writes after a long analysis of the Hanning function:
>>      In any case, I think the point Harris made is that a discrete
>> sampling of a window function should not taper to the same value at
>> the end that it has at the beginning because to do so would include
>> the first sample of the *next* period (windowed segment.)  So IDL's
>> hanning() gets it wrong for both even- and odd-length windows. :-(  
>Uh, huh. And how did RSI respond when you contacted them 
>about it?
     I didn't contact them.  I'm disgusted with them after seeing how
they cheated my faculty advisor and, when I asked them to rectify
their errors, they refused to do so.  I recommended to my advisor that
he turn the whole matter over to the university's legal counsel.  He
told me that he was not going to renew the service contract any more,
so I doubt he will bother with having the legal counsel deal with it,
but either way it will be his decision and it's now out of my hands.
Given their denial of service while we had a service contract, I doubt
they would do any better now that we no longer have a service contract.

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