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PV-WAVE 7.5 is now available

 PV-WAVE 7.5 is now available!
         Accelerated 3D graphics using OpenGL

         30 new features for data manipulation and rapid prototyping

         Integration of IMSL C Numerical Library V5.0

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Visual Numerics Inc. is proud to announce the release of the new and

improved PV-WAVE 7.5 for desktop visualization

         GUI debugger included with Windows.

         Expanded the Navigator to include pie charts and bar charts

         More than 30 new standard library features for manipulating data
and making rapid prototyping and developing even easier.

         New mathematics and statistics functions to solve time series and
financial problems and to perform Monte Carlo simulations.

Among PV-WAVE's most significant new features for existing customers and new
customers alike are the updated IMSL Mathematics functions as well as Open
GL support via VTK.  The integration of the recently released revision 5.0
of the IMSL C Numerical Library improves the PV-WAVE family by providing:

         A new time series routine useful in navigation, surveying, vehicle
tracking (aircraft, spacecraft, missiles), geology, oceanography, fluid
dynamics, steel/paper/power industries, and demographic estimation.

         50 new functions in the area of finance and bonds. The new
functions are intended to help brokerage firms or insurance companies, for
example, perform financial modeling to analyze various risk factors
associated with their business.  Included are routines for calculating
depreciation of assets, internal rates of return, bond amortization, and net
present values.

         New routines to compute low discrepancy series of random points,
which are valuable in Monte Carlo simulations.

         A new algorithm for efficient multi-dimensional quadrature.  Very
high-dimension quadrature arises in some financial optimization
applications.  This offers a much more efficient and robust approach than
previously available in CNL.

PV-WAVE 7.5 delivers high-level 3D interactive visualization techniques
using OpenGL.  Included are more than two dozen new functions that allow
access to Kitware's VTK, both at a high-level for ease-of-use, and through
low-level routines that facilitate the creation of more complex, specialized
visualizations.  With this release, PV-WAVE will provide the high-level 3D
interactive visualization techniques commonly associated with OpenGL without
burdening its users with having to learn hundreds of low-level commands.
The integration of VTK into PV-WAVE provided the optimum solution.  PV-WAVE
users are now able to produce accelerated graphics in their applications
without learning a new programming paradigm or understanding the intricacies
of OpenGL.  The new plotting functions are very similar to the existing
PV-WAVE 2D and 3D plotting functions.  This new functionality will provide
users all of the benefits of the VTK toolkit such as:

         A wide variety of visualization algorithms including scalar,
vector, tensor, texture and volumetric methods

         Advanced modeling techniques like isosurfaces, streamlines,
implicit modeling, cutting planes, swept surfaces, hedgehogs, glyphs,
texture mapping, clipping transparency, and Delaunay triangulation

         Many imaging algorithms allowing mixing of 2D imaging, 3D graphics
algorithms and data.

PV-WAVE - helping customers solve complex problems

PV-WAVE is an easy-to-use analysis and visualization environment that
enables engineers, scientists, researchers, and business analysts to
understand complex datasets and rapidly build visual data analysis
applications to solve complex problems.

PV-WAVE delivers

         A rapid application development environment

         A environment from to build robust applications or perform adhoc

         An open system for data analysis and visualization

         An easy-to-use interface to quickly view your data

         Math and stat functions based on the IMSL Libraries

         Excellent data connectivity features

What our customers are saying about PV-WAVE

"Visual Numerics provides an essential product for organizations with robust
data visualization needs... Couple that with a product support group that is
always knowledgeable and diligent in answering my questions, and you've got
a very valuable vendor partner."

Dave Klender, Software Engineer

Pegasus Technologies, Inc.

Learn more about other companies who use PV-WAVE at www.vni.com/news