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Re: Testers needed for TV benchmark

"Bill B." wrote:
> I've been working at trying to get the fastest TV update rate possible
> and am a little discouraged by my results so far.  I developed a short
> benchmark program and am curious what results might be obtained by
> other machines.  I have a P3-550 and obtained the following:
> TV-Device Copy Test: Array Size:      512         13.520000 seconds
> =>  Frames/sec:        3.6982249   Frame time:      0.27040000
>    Video Xfer rate:        2908402.4 bytes/sec
> TV Direct Test: Array Size:      512         13.290000 seconds  =>
> Frames/sec:        3.7622272   Frame time:      0.26580000
>    Video Xfer rate:        2958735.9 bytes/sec
> If your time permits, I would appreciate knowing anyone else's results
> and a brief mention of the computer used.  My benchmarks were
> identical for IDL 5.2 and 5.3.1.  Thanks in advance.


To obtain the best frame rate for animations, first you should display
all the images in a pixmap window, and *then* use DEVICE, COPY to copy
each image to a visible graphics window. I'm willing to bet you'll get
frame rates better than 10 frames/sec using this method.

Practical IDL Programming