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Re: Testers needed for TV benchmark

"Liam E. Gumley" <Liam.Gumley@ssec.wisc.edu> wrote in message news:<3B7183C6.4D1A3622@ssec.wisc.edu>...
> To obtain the best frame rate for animations, first you should display
> all the images in a pixmap window, and *then* use DEVICE, COPY to copy
> each image to a visible graphics window. I'm willing to bet you'll get
> frame rates better than 10 frames/sec using this method.

Hi Liam,

If you look at my benchmark, that is the 1st of the two tests being


FOR I = 0, 49 DO BEGIN
  WSET, pixmap0_id
  TV, data, true = 3
  WSET, pixmap1_id
  DEVICE, COPY = [0, 0, sz-1, sz-1, 0, 0, pixmap0_id]


Also, the results I posted show no difference between the technique
that you describe and just TVing directly to the visible window.  Ten
fps at 512*512 would be great but I see no indication that I can
achieve that on a PC.  BTW, this benchmarking is in preparation for
what will be the SW end of a generic (any format) video frame grabber.
 Could you verify if the snippet above is what you had in mind?

Thanks a bunch,