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Re: Where is the largest point ?


Take a peek at the MAX function (check the online help)

maxVal = Max(Arrat, maxIndex) 

maxVal will return the maximum value
maxIndex will return the index of the maximum value within the array. 
If there is more than one value qualifying as MAX, then only the index
of the first maxVal encountered is returned in maxIndex.


Guillaume Dargaud wrote:
> I'm still pretty basic at IDL and a lot of the _no loop_ concepts escape me
> entirely (I'm too used to C and such).
> If I have a 2D matrix, how do I find where is the maximum ?
> Say:
> Mat=FltArr(NbX, NbY)
> ...
> [Xmax, YMax] = Where( Mat eq Max(Mat) )
> or something like that ?
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